What a big honor!

My work was part of the conference “Resilience Frontiers”, a brainstorming conference on the future of resilience to climate change, which was undertaken by United Nations Climate Change Secretariat with various UN agencies and partners. The purpose of this conference was to gather 100 high-level thinkers for 5 days, in Korea, to generate innovative solutions to cope with the impacts of climate change on individuals, societies and ecosystems by 2030 and beyond.

Laureline Krichewsky, coordinator of the conference asked me for my pictures JellyBelly No. 23 and Nimbus XII:


“Since the format of this conference is innovative and meant to trigger creativity and out-of-the box thinking by using a variety of media, I would like to know if we could project your photographs on a large screen during the conference. I am convinced this could lead participants to question their connection to their environment, and give more depth to their thinking about the future of sustainability.”

Further information on Resilience Frontiers is available on the website and here. Take a look!