Multivision Porsche Shanghai

“Mueller’s role is between painter and architect, taking imperfections from raw images and forming them into new worlds. Mueller obliges in revealing the emotional heart of his work, as he skillfully melds moments of mystery and intrigue with flourishes of contrasting colors and the intersecting lines of his superimposed structures.


Even if the city patterns and the rushing people in the pictures seem to be chaotic, busy and bustling, the structures are abstract, and facades melt with facades, you find one strong, bold and brave, powerful and unique element in the vibrant picture: The Porsche


New Era fortifies Porsche’s vision of the future. We highlight the complexities between reality and dreams through the works of commissioned artist, Florian W. Mueller.
His series, Multivision, applies his signature abstract style to create multi-layered pieces of superimposed Porsche cars against Shanghai’s cityscape, engaging viewers to unravel the endless possibilities of Porsche.”


PORSCHE Press Release, Photofairs Shanghai 2018


You can find nice Behind the Scene pictures here and Infos about the exhibition here. Have fun!


Porsche (China) Motors Ltd.
Shanghai, China

  • Gold at the 2019 Awards of the AOP (Association of Photographers) in London

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