Concrete Cross

Inside the architecture of Gottfried Böhm. Two churches built of concrete. A movement in architecture called Brutalism, from the french Concrete Brut – raw concrete.
Despite this raw material the inside of the churches eradiate a special calmness and dignity combined with the modesty of the surface. And the architecture with it’s niches, corners, columns and it’s almost impossible angles is an adventure to explore.

“Mariendom” in Neviges and “Christi Auferstehung (Ressurrection of Christ)” in Cologne.

Available in different sizes in limited editions.
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Personal Work
Neviges & Cologne, Germany

  • Gold in the BFF-Magazin 5-2015
  • 2x Bronze One Eyeland Awards 2014

  • 3x Honorable Mentions at the International Photography Awards 2014


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