Are you off pursuing your next adventure? Always seeking new experiences?

Share your perspective of a #LifeIntensified on Instagram and win a Photography master class with me and Porsche in Penang, Malaysia!
In April I had the fun and adventure to shoot four individual, colorful Porsche Macan S’ in the vibrant streets of Taipei, Taiwan.
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Now you can follow this path and join me in a photography masterclass in Penang, Malaysia.
I show you the way I look out for extraordinary locations, show you the difference and the magic between different angles and how important patience can be. You do not have to be a fully equipped, professional photographer, but you have to be curious, adventurous and ready to shoot!

And all you have to do is capture your personal view of "Life Intensified", share it on instagram with the hashtag #lifeintensified.

The contest ends 3. September 2017.
3 winners will be notified by 17. September 2017

That’s what Porsche says:

The Porsche Macan is developed and built for an intensive life – for new challenges, experiences and thrills. A concept that allows for almost infinite customisation options, giving it an unmistakable character, as individual as you.

In keeping with this principle, we sent German photographer Florian W. Mueller on a free-spirited journey to discover the experiences that resonates with him and capture his individual interpretation of a Life Intensified moment, featuring four custom-coloured Macans.

If you are for staying true to yourself, then join us and share your individual perspective of a Life Intensified moment and stand to win a 3D2N Photography Master Class in Penang, Malaysia, with internationally awarded photographer Florian W. Mueller. Simply capture the moment, share it on Instagram and tag #LifeIntensified.

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See you in Penang!