Life intensified

No CGI, real photography.

In April I had the chance and opportunity to shoot a campaign for Porsche Asia. The claim of the campaign was “Life Intensified” and the task was not only to shoot four colorful Porsche Macan S, but to find the proper locations for the fantastic vehicles in “Lava Orange”, “Viper Green”, “Riviera Blue” and “Ultra Violet”.

So the whole production, from creating the idea, location scouting and poduction, was in my hands.

And we wanted to produce four mini films to show our work and location scouting from behind the scenes.

I gathered a unique and awesome crew and at the end of April four excited guys entered the plane from Frankfurt, Germany to Taipei, Taiwan: David Schütte, Creative Director at Kemper Kommunikation, Johannes Maierbacher, filmmaker from Munich, Christian Bacher, photographer, who assisted me and made terrific behind the scenes shots and me.

One week scouting, thinking, re-thinking, re-scouting, laughing and, of course, shooting. And enjoying the world of Taipei.

We had company of the nice people of Porsche Asia like Michelle Fang and Yannick Ott, Endy and Yosh and of course Lucie the Fixer. Name is program, she is fixing problems, no challenge unacceptable.
And for three days we were accompanied by Kevin Wong and his crew from HYPEBEAST who produced a feature about my work and my approach to this shooting.

HYPEBEAST produced an amazing film, take a look here.

Big, big thanks to this crew, thank you for everything.

On top PORSCHE created an instagram challenge around “Life Intensified”. The participants shall share their perspective of a #LifeIntensified on Instagram and win a Photography master class with me and PORSCHE in Penang, Malaysia!

The Hero shots

With award-winning photographer Florian W. Mueller, Porsche sought to find an appropriate setting that embodies the motto of this Macan campaign, “Life Intensified”.
Taipei, as a vibrant city with an electrifying soul, proved itself as the ideal location where Florian produced his edgy and striking images of the Macans.

From the Press Release

The BTS films

On top of that, Porsche Asia runs a pricedraw on instagram under hashtag #lifeintensified. You can win a photography masterclass in Malaysia. With me.

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