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When I was in Taipei to shoot the “Life intensified” campaign for Porsche Asia, the awesome blog Hypebeast sent a film team from Hong Kong to Taipei to join us for a couple of days and to take a look over my shoulder. That was a nice experience and great people around Kevin Wong, the producer.

Thanks to HYPEBEAST!

German photographer Florian W. Mueller teamed up with Porsche to capture the essence of Taipei with his primary subject being the Porsche Macan S. From its incense-veiled temples to its intricate network of streets teeming with locals, the Taiwan capital beautifully juxtaposes the innovative luxury vehicle that is covered in an array of vibrant colors. “Cars are usually not the subjects I’m taking pictures of,” said Mueller. “The combination of what I have in mind when I think about Porsche and Taipei is that they are explosive.”

Mueller has turned his passion into a profession, capturing priceless experiences from all across the world. His photographic strategy? “I’m always starting at zero,” said Mueller. It’s safe to say that the internationally-acclaimed shutterbug doesn’t really depend on fancy equipment to shoot awe-inspiring moments. In fact, the only pivotal aspect he needs in every picture is emotion.

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