Editor Kozaf Li of the Hong Kong Photonews Magazine asked me for an interview about my Singularity series. They wanted to publish a feature about the series in their print-magazine and of course I said Yes!

Here is the interview:

How do you come up with this idea?
To be honest, this series started with playing around with a couple of pictures I took in New York last November and I instantly fell in love with that reduced look. Then I crawled though my archive of the last two years and found more candidates for the series from Hong Kong, England, Spain, France and Germany.
In the series “Singularity” I reduced the buildings to themselves. Like a sculpture on a pedestal in a clean gallery or museum.

Any difficulty do you face during the process?
Oh, I think there are many buildings which are challenging me. Mostly for getting the right angle. And there are always trees in front of the buildings. Oh these trees! Don’t get me wrong, I am a nature lover, but sometimes I wish I had a chainsaw with me… Just kidding. But it is a challenge. I want to take mostly clean shots, I do not want to spend hours in photoshop to erase trees, other buildings or people.

Do you have any other idea for the ongoing project?
Well, I come around. I am exhibiting all over the world and I am travelling a lot to be present at the openings and to talk to the visitors of exhibitions, I love that. As a matter of fact I take a lot of pictures when I am on the road. You can imagine what a guy with a faible for architecture often shoots? Right, buildings. So nowadays I make a plan, when I am travelling.
Before I go now on the road I make a research of the area if there are any buildings that might fit into “Singularity”. Google Earth, pinterest and Instagram are good buddies for that…
The buildings have to have the little something for me. That can be the facade, forms, charisma (yes, indeed).
I hope to get back to Hong Kong or to Singapore, to Beijing or to Tokyo soon to collect more fascinating buildings. The architecture in Asia is sometimes more spectacular or brave, if you want to say so. I love it!

What camera you used for this project mostly and how you edit your picture?
Mostly no tripod, due to the fact that I shoot during the day, I do not need a tripod. I work with a Nikon D800E and single focal length lenses like the Nikkor 50mm 1:1,4 or the Sigma Art 35mm 1:1,4.
I work with Lightroom and with photoshop. Lightroom is my main tool to correct colors, enhance them, whatever. Photoshop is the tool to crop the buildings and to create the sky.

How you feel about Architectural photography, what is this means to you?
For me architecture is a kind of sculpture. Like the art of creating a sculpture, architecture is influenced, only bigger. In the 70’s there was this amazing trend of brutalism, buildings, like the churches from architect Gottfried Böhm, made of concrete, the name giver of that movement: French “Concrete Brut”, raw concrete.
Then you have buildings in that wonderful clean, function-oriented bauhaus style as seen in my “Singularity” No. 34, a building in Duesseldorf by Egon Eiermann and in the former GDR, east Germany, the very reduced “Plattenbauten” like in “Singularity” No. 5, 6, 54 and 56 for example.
For me as a photographer, all these buildings are artworks. I try to find the right angle, the right view to combine the form and the essence of a building with my subjective perspective.

And that’s what it looks like in the magazine: