The German BFF Professional Association of Freelance Photographers and Filmgestalter e. V. dedicates an exhibition in the NRW Forum to the wonderful photographer Herlinde Koelbl as part of Duesseldorf Photo and takes her into the BFF Hall of Fame with a ceremony (Friday, 16.2., 7 pm).

Yesterday I had a splendid dinner with the board of the BFF and Herlinde Koelbl and as icing on the cake she took my Olympus Pen-F and shot some portraits of me. What an honor! Thanks to Lars Langemeier and Klaus Mellenthin for the additional pictures.

I recommend everyone who is interested in photography this fine exibition:

Herlinde Koelbl is interested in people: in their cultural environment, in their everyday life, their physicality and individuality. With her long-term photographic studies, she is regarded as a chronicler of the present. She is not only a photographer, but also a narrator, director, sociologist and cultural historian. In 1980 she became famous for her illustrated book “Das deutsche Wohnzimmer” (The German Living Room), in 1984 she published “Männer” (Men) and in 1990 “Starke Frauen” (Strong Women). In 1989 she produced her award-winning work “Jüdische Porträts” (Jewish Portraits) and from 1991 to 1998 she photographed and interviewed 15 personalities from politics and business every year under the title “Spuren der Macht – Die Verwandlung des Menschen durch das Amt” (Traces of Power – The Transformation of Man through Office).

 “When I discovered photography, it was like arriving[…] I wanted to photograph people and take pictures of life. People are unpredictable, full of secrets and destinies[…] Sometimes there is an unprecedented closeness and familiarity for a short while, sometimes it’s a soft, tenacious struggle, sometimes a wordless dialogue, sometimes recognition”, she describes her own work on the portrait. (text: NRW Forum)