I am happy to be part of the Exhibition “BFF Triebwerk” in Berlin from December 7. ’til December 10.

The exhibition has the title/concept “From Dusk ’til Dawn”, 34 photographers from Berlin and guests from all over Germany, including me, will be showing works from the subtle world of twilight. All photographs are photographed on Polaroid Originals material and are on display in the original.

I show a little story with the title “Late Last Night” and gives an answer to the question: “What happened to Thumper (from Bambi)?”

Shot with a Polaroid SX 70 Landcamera on 600 Duochrome Film.

The facts:

BFF Berlin Pop-Up Gallery (Galerie Albrecht)
Charlottenstraße 78

Vernissage-Party: 07.12.2017 18:00

Download Press Release (German)

It was a great production with some helping hands.

Big thanks to Michael Streckbein, Christian Bacher, Nikola Dibbern and the top locations “Oh Baby Anna” in Duesseldorf and “Pegel” in Cologne.