DESIGNBOOM about House of Escher

The Magazine Designboom published a very nice article abou my series House of Escher.

Thanks to editor Peter Corboy.

Here is an excerpt:

photographer florian w. mueller has documented the mind-bending interior of the service center for students at the university of cologne in a collection of images entitled ‘house of escher’. the series heavily references the work of dutch graphic artist MC escher, whose mathematically inspired drawings resulted in paradoxical landscapes and maze-like stairways where dream and reality are one and the same…

…the building was completed by schuster architekten in 2013, its white zig-zagging staircases and speckled wall design creating an optical illusion that, at times, makes it hard to tell up from down.florian w. muller’s documentation of the effect has received a number of accolades, including first place at the tokyo international foto awards and a number of international honorable mentions. the enigmatic steps are captured from multiple mind-bending perspectives in the photos, emphasizing the volume’s geometric complexity and dazzling palette of white and grey.

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